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How do we make sustainable fashion affordable? (Updated: 29/04/2022)

So we've talked about what sustainable fashion is and why it's sooo expensive, let's explore how we can make sustainable fashion affordable!

*None of the stores/apps mentioned are sponsored, they're purely recommended because I enjoyed using them

Recycle your wardrobe

Aside from shopping from eco-friendly and/or ethical clothing stores, the first step to becoming more sustainable is to consume less. Go through your current wardrobe, experiment with your styles, mix and match different items to see what works! May this rekindle the old flames that you've once had with them so that their utility can be prolonged. If not, please give away or recycle clothing when possible!

Raid your friends' and family's wardrobe! (JK, please do not break in and raid someone's wardrobe)

Alternatively, see if your friends and family have clothes they're willing/wanting to give away. In a way, you'll always have a piece of your friend or family with you!


Following the last option, you might want to give them something in return so that you all get something out of it! Clothe-swapping is also very popular on platforms like Depop and Vinted. Maybe you'll even make a new friend!

Rent clothes

Got a wedding coming up soon and now you're stressed about getting a new dress because you left it till the last minute? Try clothing rental companies like Wadrobista if you're in Hong Kong. They usually offer flexible rental services and you can try outfits at the store before you take them out. Some also provide designer items for rental. So... You basically look fresh AND save tons of money in the long run. What's not to like about this? (I rented a dress there once and it was a solid 12/10 experience)

Rework garments

If you're a handy, crafty one, this one is definitely for you! You can tailor and repair existing clothes or even use fabrics of old clothing to make new clothes/other upholstered items. There are tons of tutorial videos on YouTube and Pinterest, so if you're adventurous and/or crafty, definitely try this out!

I'd have to admit that I'm VERY jealous of those of y'all that are handy and crafty. But at least one can try... *prepares plasters in advance*

Thrift at vintage stores

If you have to shop, vintage stores are a good option. Vintage is almost the new 'new' (Do you understand what I'm getting at LOL) I remember first discovering vintage stores and thrifting when I was 15 in a little seaside town in England. To this day, the scent of vintage clothing still brings me so much joy (I wish there was a candle scent for this haha!)

Whether it's in-store, online, or on apps like Depop, give vintage clothes a new life and take them with you on your adventures. Plus you may even discover new styles and find out cool stories about certain clothing items - how exciting!

Do beware that a lot of fast fashion brands misuse the phrase 'vintage' and 'reworked' to bait people into consumption, so do some research before hitting the 'Add to cart' button!

Choose second-hand clothing

Similar to thrifting, buying second-hand clothes online, in charity shops, and on the aforementioned apps helps maximise the longevity and utility of used clothes. If you choose to sell your clothes, do remember to wash it beforehand - hygiene always comes first!

Until next time...

We hope this post offered you a few tips on how we can make sustainable fashion more affordable. If you've enjoyed this, follow us on floom's Instagram for more and leave a comment to let us know if it's helped. Feel free to let us know if there are other alternatives that we've missed out too!

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