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Met Gala 2022 - The Highlights & The TL;DRs of the Met Gala

A week has passed but the everyone's still talking about the Met Gala - so what's the fuss about? Who went? Who wore what? Why does it happen each year? What is it for if not for celebs (which I guess includes TikTokers now) to flaunt their wealth? What does it all mean??

We've got you covered - let us give you a few TL;DRs of Met Gala and go through what we believe are this year's highlights!

What is the Met Gala?

The Met Gala is a fundraising charity event held to celebrate fashion and to raise funds for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute (the Met) in NYC. There's a theme each year and guests are expected to dress accordingly.

Where is the Met Gala held?

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC (Yes, the cool building with the cool staircases.) It used to be hosted in different venues until 1973.

When is the Met Gala held?

The first Monday of May each year, with 2021 being an exception - it was held in Sep 2021 due to COVID restrictions.

What happens at the Met Gala?

A no-phone policy's been put in place since 2015, so no one really knows for sure. But we do know that the guests get to have a look at the new annual exhibition and attend a dinner with live performances.

What does one wear to the Met Gala?

Since it is a ball and a formal event, you can expect to see glitz & glam, gorgeous gowns and suits, and all things flashy and creative to do with the theme.

Who hosts the Met Gala?

1948 - 1972: Eleanor Lambert (fashion publicist and founder of the Council of Fashion Designers of America) to raise funds for the new Costume Institute after it became a part of the Met

1973 - 1977: Diana Vreeland (consultant for the Costume Institute) - themes were first introduced in 1973

1978 - 1994: Pat Buckley (socialite)

1995 - 2019: Anna Wintour (Vogue's editor-in-chief and Condé Nast's CCO)

2021 - Present: Celebrities co-chaired with Anna Wintour, Tom Ford, and Adam Mosseri

How much is a Met Gala ticket?

It starts at USD30,000 per person.

Who is invited to the Met Gala?

No one knows. But the biggest celebs, designers, and new creatives are likely to appear every year (right now, think Gigi Hadid, Maude Apatow, and Stormzy.)

Can I go to the Met Gala?

Sadly, no. But nothing stops us from wearing fancy dresses and sipping champagne in our living room whilst watching the live! (At least I'll be one of the most glammed up couch potatoes.)

Met Gala 2022 - "Gilded Glamour",

In America: An Anthology of Fashion

This year's theme is the sequence to 2021's theme, In America: A Lexicon of Fashion, held in September 2021. Celebs have gathered together to celebrate the Gilded Age NYC (or however they interpret it!)

Here's a series of highlights for this year's looks.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we aim to focus on the meaning behind their looks.

Ready, Corsets, Go!

Corsets were a staple during the Gilded Age. It's no surprise that celebs have chosen style over comfort that night - from Billie's dress made from upcycled fabric to Evan Mock's buttery suit, we can definitely understand why.

The Golden Age

They took the dress code literally, gilty as charged! Feels like we're back at the golden age again, don't we all?

On Mondays, We Wear Pink

Sorry Regina, the rules have changed - on the first Monday of May, we wear pink now. The Gilded Age was all about extravagance and attention, I think it's safe to say that they've got our's.

The Yin and The Yang

As Thanos once said, 'perfectly balanced, as all things should be.' Maybe this was what he meant, and if so, then he was truly not wrong!

A Nod to NYC

Here are some remarkable moments from this year's Met Gala that we should never forget.

As one of the hosts this year, Blake Lively's Versace gown was a nod to the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, while the grand reveal synonymised with the oxidisation of the Statue. In her latest interview with Vogue, she revealed that the patterns on her dress were the patterns from the ceiling of the Grand Central Station. (Fellow Gossip Girl fans, we may scream in unity now.)

Riz Ahmed wore custom 4SDesigns, Cartier necklace, and vintage boots as a salute to the low-income and migrant workers back in the days who made the Gilded Age a dream-come-true. We absolutely have no choice but to adore and admire the way he interpreted and executed the theme!

Alicia Keys showed up with an Empire State of mind in her Ralph Lauren gown showcasing the NYC skyline. It doesn't get more explicit than that! (Alexa, play Empire State of Mind.)

Last but not least, Kim Kardashian was the final one to show up at the Gala, but she still made everyone do a double-take. She wore THE nude dress that Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang Happy Birthday, Mr President to John F. Kennedy! Although she immediately slipped back into a replica of that dress for the rest of the evening, we must admit she's made a grand entrance (as she always does.)

Until next time...

Were there highlights that we forgot to mention? If so, please leave a comment and let us know. If you've enjoyed this, follow us on floom's Instagram for more!

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